Shipping internationally provides many opportunities for businesses but carries risk with it. When importing and exporting merchandise, there is risk of damage and loss. If carriers are found liable for the claim, they are only responsible for a small portion of what the claim may be. Marine and air insurance are essential components to keep your business protected during international trade and commerce.

Marine & Air Insurance

If your business is shipping commercial goods internationally by air and sea, then cargo insurance is a necessity to protect your company from the unpredictable risks of shipping. Insuring your goods in transit provides coverage for any damage or complete loss of goods during the shipping process. This includes:

● Exported and imported shipments by all types of ocean vessels
● Exported and imported shipments by all types of aircraft
● Shipments by inland carriers for all arranged modes of transport

Cargo insurance can help protect against shipping issues such as:
● Physical damage, destruction, or complete loss of cargo
● Improper handling by carrier
● Natural disasters such as a tornado, hurricane, or tsunami
● Theft or terrorism

Cargo insurance does not cover shipping issues such as:
● Improper or inadequate packing
● Abandonment of cargo
● Rejection by customs or government authorities and agencies
● Failure to pay for the cargo

How would a complete loss of a shipment affect your bottom line? Accidents happen; therefore, it is crucial to have the right insurance in place to protect your business. At Trans-World Shipping Service, Inc., we understand the challenges of the international transportation process and risks of moving cargo. Our experienced team can help ensure you have cargo insurance tailored to your business needs that is both comprehensive and cost-effective.

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