Air freight shipping has a reputation for high cost.  However, shipping by air is not the villain everyone makes it out to be! Did you know air freight can be used for more than time-sensitive shipments?  Air freight can be a cost-effective solution for smaller shipments compared to ocean. Toledo Air Cargo, Inc., our Air Export Division of TWS, provides a full menu of global air freight solutions for a variety of industries.

At Toledo Air Cargo, our shipping professionals will work directly with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective air freight solution for your business needs.


Our relationships around the world allow us to customize and optimize supply chain solutions for the best routing, pricing, and delivery speed. We ship directly with the airline, eliminating the involvement of an overseas office and saving you document transfer fees. Not only is transit time much faster by utilizing major airlines, but you can feel at ease knowing your cargo is moving instead of waiting for the next consolidation. Whether it’s door to door, terminal to terminal, or anything in-between, Toledo Air Cargo can assess your specific air freight needs.

Added benefits of air freight forwarding with Toledo Air Cargo:

  • Ability to ship from anywhere in the US to your worldwide destinations
  • Competitive local pick-up rates with daily delivery to Detroit Metropolitan Airport
  • Electronic bookings, freight quotes, and airway bills
  • Experienced with Letters of Credit and bank presentations
  • Knowledge of worldwide documentary requirements and Incoterms
  • Air Insurance
  • Assistance in navigating TSA security regulations

Looking for an international air freight forwarding partner?

We have highly trained and experienced freight forwarding professionals ready to handle all of your air freight needs. Contact us today!

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