Trans-World Shipping Service, Inc. Expedites International Trade

As a licensed customhouse broker, Trans-World Shipping Service, Inc. helps facilitate import shipments entering the United States through Customs and Border Protection and associated government agencies. Along the way, we help importers navigate the sea of rules and regulations on imported goods. This includes preparing required documentation, providing guidance on requirements, classification, and valuation, and helping our clients calculate the duties and taxes imposed on import goods. We allow you to spend more time on your strengths – managing your core business.


ABI Certified

ABI certification provides TWS a direct communication with U.S. CBP further enhancing the speed and efficiency of the customs process by facilitating the release of the product in question. This enables us to get your shipment where it needs to be in the quickest way possible.

Knowledge in complex regulatory requirements

At TWS, we are experts with the complex regulatory requirements governing the transport of goods into the United States. TWS employs three licensed brokers and an experienced staff who exhibit the highest standards of "reasonable care" in compliance with U.S. Customs & Border Protection regulations.


TWS offers a one-stop-shop from origin to destination for all your importing needs including logistics, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing, and distribution. You can feel at ease knowing your inbound shipments are fully cared for. We ensure this by maintaining relationships with reliable agents in major ports and cities around the world. These agents have the ability to coordinate shipments from foreign points of origin to the final destination in the U.S.

Continuous & Single-Entry Bonds

Customs bonds are required to ensure all duties, taxes, and other applicable fees will be paid to U.S. CBP. Whether you have one shipment or are a regular importer, the import specialists at TWS can prepare a customs bond with our partnered surety to guarantee our clients have the necessary coverage and compliance materials in place.

Clearing in any US port

As a custom house broker, we are able to electronically submit all data information associated with your shipments directly and clear your cargo at any port of entry in the United States.

Marine Insurance

TWS offers Marine Insurance that can cover the loss or damage of your goods that may occur during the shipping process, giving you piece of mind compared to the minimum coverages offered by carriers.

If you are importing shipments to any port or location in the United States,
TWS has you covered.

We are the only custom house broker in Toledo, OH and surrounding areas
with an additional office in Baltimore, MD.

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CHB License No. 2857
National permit 99-00199
C-TPAT SVI# traBRO03167